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Mercedes-Benz E-Class: What the judges say

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The UK Car of the Year 2017 has a lot of fans on the Awards panel. Here are a selection of the thoughts from those who voted for it:

“Sets new standards for tech and comfort.” Oliver Marriage

“Class, comfort and quality with a good range of engines.” Paul Hudson

“An understated champion in a league of flashy wannabes, the E-class reigns supreme: endlessly entertaining interior, top-notch quality, comforting and comfortable dynamics. A confident car.” Tom Ford

“The best executive class interior in the industry and an exterior that’s re-discovered its former elegance. Hit!” Guy Bird

“Does almost everything with a quiet flourish, can be had with a terrific dashboard and sound system and points the way towards autonomous driving.” Richard Bremner

“Mercedes calls it ‘the most intelligent car on the road’, and I agree. It offers a sublime drive and a great cabin.” Alex Goy

“Faultless build quality and interior actually embarrasses the larger S-Class” Nat Barnes

“Fantastic long-haul comfort.” Anthony ffrench-Constant

“Beautifully built and a pleasure to drive, wherever your journey takes you, the E-Class resets the executive class benchmarks. It’s a technological showcase.” Alex Grant

“Impressive inside and out, the E-Class pushes executive travel into the realms of luxury. The level of technology at your fingertips is astounding.” John Challen

“The E-Class is patently not a larger C-Class, but a shrunken S-Class. – watered-down luxury rather than premium-feeling mainstream. Mercedes has chosen to focus on delivering an imperious ride quality over a degree of agility that seems at odds with a premium saloon range.” Keith Jones

“If you’re looking for a near perfect car – surely this is it. The E-Class is just sublime. Comfortable, quiet and quick it’s a very easy car to love.” David Ross

“The E-Class has it all and does it all. Refinement, comfort and style that mean you want for nothing.” Alisdair Suttie