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BMW 4 Series

BMW 4 Series

“A fresh new approach re styling from BMW with the expected quality of drive,”

Ian Lynas


“This design is handsome and well executed – and yes, the grille is polarising. Ultimately though, a car in this category is experienced from the inside out, and the 4 Series is so initiative with user experience playing a pivotal role in the interior design.”

Nargess Banks


“BMW 4 Series it’s the best car listed and the grille ain’t that bad in person,”

Mat Watson


“Pictures don’t do the 4-Series justice. Ignore the grille and drive it and you find a car that handles brilliantly, is refined and hugely enjoyable,”

Nat Barnes


“It may have a face you’ll have to learn to love, but the 4 Series is exceptionally good and shows just why BMW is so good at coupes,”

David Ross


“Everything a BMW coupe should be and more besides, the 4 Series makes the competition look leaden,”

Alisdair Suttie