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Honda e

Honda e - Best City Car

Honda e – Best City Car

“It epitomises the spirit of electric urban transport. This car – with its cute, anime looks – takes Honda in the right direction,”

Nargess Banks


“A return to form for Honda. A car that looks good and is cleverly electric has to be on the shortlist,”

Tristan Young


“Characterful, fun and good to drive, the Honda-e proves that EVs can keep us amused,”

Paul Barker


“Those retro looks, combined with a wonderfully high tech cabin, make this a winner. It’s the car everyone wants,”

David Ross


“Funky. A rare example of an electric car design celebrating the difference rather than trying to disguise its battery-powered underpinnings,”

Anthony ffrench-Constant


“The new Honda e stands apart from others, from its stylish exterior design and excellent driving experience to its multi-screen infotainment system,”

Guy Bird


“The Honda E isn’t perfect, but it has the kind of vitality that makes it a winner. In a world filled with bland-feeling econoboxes, the E feels like it would be a co-conspirator, rather than just a car,”

Tom Ford