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Supermini of the Year


Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris

“Well styled, reliable and ideal for an urban environment,”

Ian Lynas


“Does exactly what it should for this sector, plus it (finally) delivers a good driving experience,”

Tristan Young


“An excellent evolution, finally giving the Yaris some emotional appeal to go with the rational sensibility it has always had,”

Paul Barker


“I like its funky interior and way the hybrid powertrain feels punchy. But I especially like the exceptional fuel economy, which is at its best around town – exactly where the Yaris will be used most,”

Alex Robbins


“The Toyota nicks it for the huge improvements it has made from its predecessor. Attractive styling, a quality interior with some real visual interest and a hugely improved hybrid drivetrain mark out the superb fourth-generation Yaris,”

Matt Robinson


“Continuing Toyota’s transformation into a brand that is a whole chunk more desirable and dynamic, the latest Yaris looks the part – with its exuberant wheel arches and frowning headlights – handles well and boasts impressive trim quality. Not only that, it’s hybrid drivetrain is frugal to boot,”

Tom Sharpe


“Good value, reliable, nice design, good standard equip. And excellent economy 60mpg possible in reality,”

Mat Watson