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Toyota Yaris

“Well styled, reliable and ideal for an urban environment,” Ian Lynas   “Does exactly what it should for this sector, plus it (finally) delivers a good driving experience,” Tristan Young   “An excellent evolution, finally giving the Yaris some emotional appeal to go with the rational sensibility it has always had,” Paul Barker   “I [...]


BMW i3

What is it? The i3 is not BMW’s first foray into electric vehicles, but it is the first it has launch en masse to the public. The i3 also heralds a whole new sub-brand for BMW, which will be added to with the i8 supercar later in 2014. What’s it like? The i3 may not [...]


Hyundai i10

What is it? Hyundai’s latest supermini marks a big step forward in quality, standard and optional equipment, and interior space. It’s a competitive sector, which means the Korean company faces a challenge to stand out from the other major players. What’s it like? The i10 is the latest car in the Hyundai range that seeks [...]


Renault Zoe

What is it? The latest in electric vehicle technology from Renault, joining the Kangoo and Twizy battery-powered models. Having seen partner Nissan’s success with the LEAF, Renault has added four-door, five-seat family car practicality to its zero emission vehicle line-up. Renault’s research has concluded that 80-90% of people would charge their vehicles at home, so [...]