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Skoda Octavia

What is it? The latest Skoda Octavia applies all of the same thinking of previous generation models but adds in a newfound boldness to create a family car of outstanding ability. What’s it like? It’s said it takes three generations to breed a gentleman and, if that’s the case, the new Skoda Octavia has finally [...]


BMW 5 Series

What is it? The BMW 5 Series is the consummate large executive saloon and revisions to the engine line-up and a mild facelift keep it at the front of this hugely talented pack. Lower emissions make it even more appealing to company drivers and everyone will appreciate its sublime driving manners. What’s it like? You [...]


Mercedes-Benz S-Class

What is it? The latest edition of Mercedes-Benz’ flagship model. The new S-Class has sought to raise the bar in every area, and is designed to be as much of an experience in the back as it is from the driver’s seat. There are also now more options when it comes to  alternative powertrains, the [...]


Range Rover Hybrid

What is it? There is always a price to pay for your pleasure and with the Range Rover it’s fuel economy. Or it was until the arrival of the Hybrid model. The Range Rover Hybrid is the first diesel-electric hybrid in its class and comes with the promise of 44.1mpg average economy. What’s it like? [...]


Ford Fiesta ST

What is it? The Ford Fiesta ST has established itself as the hot hatch of the moment just as quickly as it zips off the line and devours country road curves. Ford has hit on the age old formula of offering a lively, zesty pocket-sized hatch at the right price and it’s very hard to [...]


BMW i3

What is it? The i3 is not BMW’s first foray into electric vehicles, but it is the first it has launch en masse to the public. The i3 also heralds a whole new sub-brand for BMW, which will be added to with the i8 supercar later in 2014. What’s it like? The i3 may not [...]



What is it? Mazda’s new 3 takes a typically left-field approach from this engineering-led Japanese firm, but it results in one of the finest small hatches you can buy. Superb to drive and spacious, the 3 could and should be in the thoughts of anyone considering a Volkswagen Golf, Honda Civic or any other small [...]


Hyundai i10

What is it? Hyundai’s latest supermini marks a big step forward in quality, standard and optional equipment, and interior space. It’s a competitive sector, which means the Korean company faces a challenge to stand out from the other major players. What’s it like? The i10 is the latest car in the Hyundai range that seeks [...]


Renault Clio 200 Turbo EDC

What is it? The latest in a long line of sporty Renault Clios. Since the Mk 1 Clio Williams in 1993, the French firm has wowed customers with performance versions of its supermini hatch. These Clios have always offered something different from the norm, such as the mid-engined, 227bhp V6, and this latest incarnation aims [...]


Ford Tourneo Connect

What is it? Ford is getting in on the budget MPV scene with the Tourneo Connect and its Grand Tourneo Connect big sister. Both offer the sort of space you can only get when the origins of the vehicle lie in the van world. However, there’s nothing van-like about the way the Tourneo Connect drives [...]

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