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Performance Car of the Year


Toyota GR Yaris

Toyota GR Yaris

“The best affordable, rally-bred performance car currently available,”

Ian Lynas


“No need to justify this choice,”

Mat Watson


“Democratisation of the homologation special, here. And who isn’t into a tiny tarmac terror?”

Tom Ford


“Nothing short of magical to drive. It’s a rally car in road-going form. It’s a jewel of a homologation special, to rank with all the other revered homologation specials from the automotive past. It is a car that, in short, reminds you precisely why you fell in love with driving in the first place, each and every time you get in it. The GR Yaris is not just the best performance car I’ve driven this year; it might be the best performance car I’ve driven in this century, and therefore £34,000 is a complete bargain,”

Matt Robinson


“Seemingly coming out of nowhere and surprising everyone, nothing bar the Fiesta ST is as much fun for the money. Big want,”

David Ross


“Raw, aggressive, rapid – the Yaris GR is the hot hatch done properly. Get these thrills while you can,”

Alisdair Suttie


“More fun than a bath full of otters. My Car of the Year,”

Anthony ffrench-Constant


“A deserving winner from an unlikely starting point, makes it all the more pleasing,”

Guy Bird