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Toyota GR Yaris

“The best affordable, rally-bred performance car currently available,” Ian Lynas   “No need to justify this choice,” Mat Watson   “Democratisation of the homologation special, here. And who isn’t into a tiny tarmac terror?” Tom Ford   “Nothing short of magical to drive. It’s a rally car in road-going form. It’s a jewel of a [...]


Ford Fiesta ST

What is it? The Ford Fiesta ST has established itself as the hot hatch of the moment just as quickly as it zips off the line and devours country road curves. Ford has hit on the age old formula of offering a lively, zesty pocket-sized hatch at the right price and it’s very hard to [...]


Renault Clio 200 Turbo EDC

What is it? The latest in a long line of sporty Renault Clios. Since the Mk 1 Clio Williams in 1993, the French firm has wowed customers with performance versions of its supermini hatch. These Clios have always offered something different from the norm, such as the mid-engined, 227bhp V6, and this latest incarnation aims [...]