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Lexus LC Convertible

Lexus LC Convertible

“Stylish with the famed Lexus reliability,”

Ian Lynas


“Fastidious Japanese build quality combined with distinctive design and luxury materials and a lovely NA V8 that just sings,”

Mat Watson


“One of the best looking convertibles… ever. Crazy to think it, but the LC is just stunning in the metal; all Japanese, all style,”

Tom Ford


““What’s most wonderful about this car is that Toyota and Lexus’ long-held devotion to hybrid cars has allowed the companies to continue to make one of the most characterful and downright magnificent 5.0-litre, normally aspirated V8 engines in an age when CO2 emissions are the be-all and end-all,”

Matt Robinson


“You only need to look at the LC to know it’s job done – it’s stunning. It’s also really rather good to drive, too,”

Alisdair Suttie