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Large Crossover of the Year


Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender

“Reinvention of the icon was never going to be easy but Land Rover has pulled it off on all fronts with aplomb,”

Chris Russon


“The return of a legend, well styled and engineered for the tough going,”

Ian Lynas


“Re-designing the Defender took guts – after all this is a much-loved classic. The team have been very careful to maintain the idea of ruggedness by making each element associated with the outdoors into a design feature. The result is a fresh and contemporary take on a classic.”

Nargess Banks


“A brilliant marriage of style and substance, the new Defender is 4×4 royalty. Superb off road and wonderfully comfortable on it, there’s nothing else quite like the Defender. And the introduction of the plug-in hybrid means you can enjoy the Land Rover without feeling guilty over its fuel economy and emissions,”

David Motton


“It does it all and it’s sooo cool,”

Mat Watson


“For once, the hype is real. The Defender does everything it’s supposed to – and more,”

Tom Ford


“Land Rover Defender – It was worth the wait. Can’t wait for the PHEV version and the 90 is arguably the better car, but all the critics have been silenced,”

Nat Barnes


“One of the most sought after and talked about cars of the last 10 years, the Defender defies all the haters to be an exceptionally desirable replacement,”

David Ross


“So long awaited – given its spiritual forebear was launched in 1948 along with the brand itself – the designers of the new Land Rover Defender had the biggest of burdens on their shoulders. But they were more than up to the task.”

Guy Bird