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Skoda Octavia

“Bigger and better all-round than its predecessor. Fantastic performer on all fronts,” Chris Russon   “Offers a lot and delivers excellent drive and comfort,” Ian Lynas   “Roomy, classy interior and great value. An easy win,” Tristan Young   “It wafts over bumps in a manner more akin to a big luxury car. And it’s [...]


Skoda Octavia

What is it? The latest Skoda Octavia applies all of the same thinking of previous generation models but adds in a newfound boldness to create a family car of outstanding ability. What’s it like? It’s said it takes three generations to breed a gentleman and, if that’s the case, the new Skoda Octavia has finally [...]


BMW 420d

What is it? The new 3 Series Coupé. The re-branding exercise continues at BMW, as the ‘4’ follows the pattern of even-numbered BMW models focusing more on sportiness and dynamics than the odds. The 6 Series and X6 started the trend, and there are more to come, such as the i8. But for now, all [...]